For the second I&CO Salon, Product Design Director Ashley Lewis sat down to talk (virtually) with Emmy-nominated reporter Sara Machi. For the city of St. Louis, Machi is the daily news reporter and recently has been tracking the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

These Salons are designed to broaden perspectives by looking at other industries. To guide the session, the guest speaker selects one of eight possible I&CO Maxims that feels the most applicable to their industry. For the journalism industry, Machi explored what it means to “Seek The Invisible.”

*The following is a summarized account of the I&CO Salon discussion on…

How do unseen forces impact the stories we seek and the way we tell them?

About this Event

The I&CO Salon is a series of intentional conversations with craftspeople across industries, aimed at broadening perspectives on what it means to make good work and work well.

We are guided by the belief that the principles of design, data, and technology can be found everywhere.

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We will be speaking with local news reporter, Sara Machi of KSDK-5 (NBC) in St. Louis, about the evolution of journalistic storytelling, the impact of public and political discourse on the industry, and how a reporter’s personal identity can impact the stories they seek out and the way in which they report them.

Ask questions, join the conversation, or just listen in.

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I&CO does not tolerate hate or violence of any kind. We continue our commitment to creating antiracist work and an antiracist workplace represented through our Maxim, “Be Just. Do Right.” We stand in solidarity with the Asian and Pacific Islander community.

Our approach has been to be proactive in operating through a social justice lens. However, when moments of hate arise we need to be adaptive in doing the research, voicing our opinion, and seeking out ways to support.

The I&CO Equity and Justice Plan was launched in 2020 in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and we actively…


これらの活動を通して私たちは、日本で当事者として考えるべき差別が人種差別だけではないことに気付きました。そこで I&CO Tokyo は、新たに以下のことに取り組みます。

1. I&CO Tokyoは、日本が抱える差別問題に関しても、反差別的な会社であるための方法を学び続けます。

  • 日本が抱える差別問題に関して、社外講師による講義を含む学びの機会を定期的に設けます。
  • 日本が抱える差別問題に関する社内ディスカッションの場を定期的に設け、知識の共有やオープンな対話を推進します。

2. I&CO Tokyoは、日本が抱える差別問題に関して、それを直接的または間接的に推進・助長する仕事に携わらない体制を作ります。

  • I&CO Tokyo が関わるクライアントやプロジェクトについて、この考えに反するものでないかどうかを明らかにするための基準を策定します。
  • この基準は、2021年秋までの策定と公開を目指します。

3. I&CO Tokyoは、多様性を尊重する会社になるための体制を作ります。

  • 国内における採用方針の定期的な見直しなど、多様性のある会社になるための方法を検討します。

4. I&CO Tokyoは、日本で取引のあるクライアントやパートナー企業にこの学びの過程や結果を共有することによって、企業が反人種差別的であろうとする取り組みを支援します。


The I&CO Salon is a series of intentional conversations with craftspeople across industries, aimed at broadening perspectives on what it means to make good work and work well.

We are guided by the belief that the principles of design, data, and technology can be found everywhere.


Simple ways to help you deliver results when you’re under a tight deadline.

Listen to an audio version of this article.

Hackathons are a buzzword, and while you always hear about the advantages of building a product quickly, there’s not a lot of conversation about what it takes for a team of developers to build a successful demo in a short amount of time. From my experience, here are four things that successful teams do to create working software in 24 hours.

1. Setup your computer environment before the hackathon.

If you’re going to use cloud hosting, set up the account and any required software before the hack starts. Pre-determine what kind of source control you’ll use. Give your team a…

As 2020 comes to an end, we at I&CO, wanted to provide an update on the commitments made towards becoming a more equitable firm back in July 2020. These commitments will be updated as we advance.

Commitment 1

I&CO is committed to being an anti-racist company by continually examining and adapting our culture to be a more inclusive environment that confronts injustice and oppression in our everyday lives and interactions.

November 2020, we started our journey with an all-staff anti-racism workshop, which created a foundation for us to build upon. …

I&CO Tokyoは2020年7月に1周年を迎えました。アジア初のビジネス・インベンション・ファームとして、世の中の「NEXT」を創るべく日本に拠点を構えてから1年。共同代表の高宮と間澤へのインタビューを通して、ビジネスの成長や組織づくりのこれまでを振り返ります。


- そもそもお2人はなぜ I&CO Tokyoに?




- 当初はどんなことを意識していたのでしょうか?




- この1年間でメンバーも増えました。急な組織の拡大には難しさもあったんじゃないでしょうか。







- 全部自分たちでやろうとせず、周りの力を借りるという考え方も大切なんですね。







Eight guiding principles on how we operate

Our Maxims represent the values and virtues of I&CO as a company and as a collective of individuals. They are the filters for the actions we take and the decisions we make.

1. When in doubt, subtract.

“Make it simple” is easy to say but hard to do. So how do we make things simple?

The temptation to add more creeps up when we aren’t sure. Adding more will lead to more complexity.

Resist that temptation. Have courage and conviction to subtract in order to relentlessly pursue the beauty of simplicity.

2. Never say “No” without offering “Yes.”


A business invention firm. We identify new market opportunities and design best-in-class customer experiences.

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