I&CO’s Social Justice Commitment: Year in Review

2 min readJul 8, 2021


This is part 2 of a 4 part series.

To focus on becoming a more antiracist firm and workplace on July 1, 2020, we announced our Equity and Justice Action Plan. This series will share resources and documents we developed to Be Just. Do Right. by bringing social justice into our office through culture, work, recruiting, and spending.

The goal of this post is to share how we are making progress on our commitment a year later. This is not intended to be a report on best practices because we are still learning and evolving. Rather, we want to offer our work as a resource to be built upon.

Our Work

To become knowledgeable on the client’s industry and potential legacies of oppression three project work pause points have been incorporated into our working process. Each is designed to help the team become more aware of harm reduction, flag potential problems, and become more equity-centered.

Pause Point #1: Initial Project Evaluation

This first pause point allows each member of the working team to consider potential obstacles or opportunities for creating a tangible impact on anti-racist policies, behaviors, and beliefs.

Pause Point #2: Notice & Adjust

This pause, toward the middle of a project, asks team members to reflect on the work and raise potential issues as well as opportunities for improving the impact of what we create.

Pause Point #3: Reflect & Measure

To build upon a more equitable working process over time, the last pause point allows team members to document and reflect on the project and working team.

Last week, we covered steps taken toward adding social justice to our office culture. Next week, we will share how our commitment to an equitable recruitment process has evolved.




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