Introducing The I&CO Salon

2 min readJan 27, 2021

The I&CO Salon is a series of intentional conversations with craftspeople across industries, aimed at broadening perspectives on what it means to make good work and work well.

We are guided by the belief that the principles of design, data, and technology can be found everywhere.


In the film industry, the potential of a project is unknown until it’s completed and released into the world.

How do you motivate yourself, teammates, and stakeholders around major undertakings when success is impossible to calculate?

For our first session, we’ll discuss Risks & Incalculable Returns with Jeremy Hersh, Writer and Director of The Surrogate.

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The Surrogate is currently streaming on Starz, and is available on iTunes and other VOD platforms in the US and Canada. Visit the film’s Instagram page to learn more.

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